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Kitty Miller

Kitty Miller is a mixed media artist who specializes in wildlife portraits and energetic paintings. Her favorite medium is acrylic paint and collage. She just loves to mix antique and special papers with paint to create one of a kind masterpieces. She dabbles in everything from jewelry, sculpture, sewing, painting, drawing, writing and more. Kitty grew up with her Grandmother who nurtured her love of art and was constantly doing some type of craft with her from a young age, throughout high school and college she was always enrolled in art classes and as an adult Kitty has attended a number of retreats and now teaches at her favorite art retreat, Art and Soul.

 Kitty Miller

Kitty lives with her best friend and love as well as with her snug pug in Oregon and is working on plans for her own art heaven near water. She loves the water and has aways felt drawn to it. Her favorite past time when not creating art is shopping for art supplies. Some ladies want shoes or purses, Kitty wants paint.

Kitty has a strong tie to her community and is an advocate for abused and battered women and the sick and elderly. She has been an advocate for several years and feels that now she is healing bridges and bringing people together through art.

Please contact Always Art LLC to finding out about classes with Kitty or booking her for an event.